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he showed me his own beautiful galaxy

i wish you all would leave me alone already!


and hour and a half in sai later, i produce  drawing of an anime character i i know nothing about. i do not watch sailor moon. ??????


some skies ˖°˖✧˖°˖


I want to be one of those people who does yoga and eats berries for breakfast, but I’m one of those people who stays in bed until 4 pm and eats pizza. 


austria doodles with random German words (I didn’t have space to draw a gugelhupf) all done this year from feb - july.

the last one of Austria house sitting/dog sitting for Germany was meant to be posted in time for world cup finals, but life got in the way
So I recently upgraded my mom’s ancient PC. only to have the brand new power supply bail on me within two months of the upgrade! and now I’m back on my old faithful and equally ancient Macbook while the PC languishes in the workshop. Work your magic, nimble-fingered (I hope) technicians!!!

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I wanted to draw a ‘cool’ looking Kiku for once~